It’s the election this weekend and a future in New Zealand doesn’t look great for me and many other young kiwis here and abroad.

I’m not asking for much, but

Mum, I need your help.

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Mum, it doesn’t take much to keep me in New Zealand. All I dream of is what your generation had — pride in my environment, a decent job, an affordable home and a fair society in which to raise children. Why did these become nice-to-haves?

Our Assets

Our ancestors slogged their guts out building our power generating assets. I’m proud of their pioneer spirit. Now a political party wants to sell them on the cheap for a quick buck. These assets will return huge dividends when we pioneer next generation clean-tech. We can do, we did do, but we need control.

Our Environment

The current Government had the bloody nerve to propose mining Great Barrier Island and our National Parks. Now they want to intensify dairy beyond our land’s capacity and dig up dirty coal for yesterday’s energy. These old ideas are not fit for my children. Clean & Green is our competitive advantage. We have to be smarter.

Sustainable Jobs

The world has changed, we have a new normal, and we must protect our nation’s businesses. Our wealth-creating exporters face a volatile currency and foreign Govts – including the US and China – that protect and support their businesses. NZ businesses for NZ deals. Promote co-ops. Get beyond commodities.

Sustainable Living

By not acknowledging the future we are continuing to live well beyond our means. From ignoring peak oil and spending billions on roads, to property speculation, car-led urban sprawl, huge houses, rampant consumerism and lack of collective savings. Short-termism is unsustainable, there are alternatives.

A Fair Society

The big kahuna. We’re now the 3rd most unequal society in the OECD and it’s getting worse. We have more than enough wealth and resource for us all to live happy fulfilling lives, and yet children are dying in poverty. How did we come to this? This is not my New Zealand.

We used to provide our workers with a living income. Now the free market leaves families on the minimum wage unable to feed their kids. We’ve reached the sad reality of handing out welfare to working families to enable businesses to keep wages low.

Welfare, lets not muck around, the system is broken, start again. We’re breeding inequality. We need leaders with the vision to look at Govt support not as a handout, but as a basic universal means of providing us all with a dignified life from which we can all grow.

In education low decile schools remain under-resourced while the digital divide widens. Children are arriving on empty stomachs, how can we teach when they’re too hungry to learn? And then we have the cheek to abandon programs that teach kids how to grow their own food!

We keep bailing out big business. They say they’re too big to fail. I would think the taxpayer was too small to cover for them! And we’re subsidising our biggest polluters up to $2bn a year through a weakened ETS. We pay them to pollute. Our children can’t do this, there are alternatives.

It’s Mum, What Can I Do?

I’m not really asking for much Mum; but when you’re in the polling booth this Saturday, can you just spare a thought for me and your grandchildren?

I know you think of me already, and I don’t want to be pushy, but this election we’re at a crossroads, we’re deciding on the long-term path from here.

Putting aside the spin from all ends of the political spectrum, we can afford a sustainable world-leading quality of life. We did in the past, we can do it again. We have the wealth, we have the resource, we have the know how, now we just need the priorities.

It’s just a small tick for a fairer future.

Mum, please can you consider giving your Party Vote to a party that acknowledges the future and will pursue a sustainable, supportive and dignified way of life for us all.

I love you Mum, and the support, it means the world.

I Have a Mum, What Can I Do?

If you think your Mum might agree with some of what is said here, please, just share this page with her.Time is running out, only a couple of days left to make a difference!

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And you have to vote too!

Enrol if you haven’t already. There’s still time! Then vote for a future New Zealand that looks after itself.